Hello, I'm Julia. I'm 18 in the YCP class of 18 :-) My home is Alaska.

On this blog you'll find some nature pics, some Catholic stuff, some Taylor Swift fangirling, some Disney love, maybe a lil of The Office or other funny shows, and sometimes just me talking to the void.


I like how when you meet someone for the first time and somehow tumblr comes up in the conversation and you both find out the other person has one, no one makes an attempt to ask for a URL and there’s this sort of mutual respect of blog privacy… i appreciate that 

i have to write a 300 word paper about the history of oppression/patriarchy in Christianity and its really hard to make it sound alright in 300 words like I fully believe that our church is progressing for the better with women’s rights and I don’t think that half of the stuff i’m being taught in my class is valid against women anymore but it’s hard to put it into a paper with only 300 words and without getting super religious about it

"Yes, it hurts now, but remember that you’ll laugh again; that rainbows appear when storms have passed, and that our joy comes in the morning… Maybe you just need to rest, and let your heart heal. When you have cried all that you can cry, and your tears have dried, you’ll feel a stillness to it all; then you’ll get up and make yourself a cup of tea, and the sun will shine on you as you close your eyes. Learn to breathe in deeply, then feel the beat of your heart, and know that you are not really broken; that one day you too can know what it means to love without loss."

T.B. LaBerge // Unwritten Letters to You (via tblaberge) ←